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by richardtomlinson » Wed, 23rd Apr 2008, 23:00

Below is a collection of audio clips from The Chris Moyles Show, some of which I have uploaded to the Sound Vault, and some of which can only be found here.

As a birthday present, Chris hands over the last half hour of the show to Aled
  • The Aled Haydn Jones Show (9:30-10am on 09/08/07)
  • The Chris Moyles Show Extra (10am-12pm on 09/08/07) - Sara Cox, who was covering for Jo Whiley, doesn't turn up for her show, so Chris and the team, and the listeners, take this opportunity to review Aled's show

  • DJ Wars: Chris attempts to call Scott Mills, but when he doesn't answer Chris phones a couple of other Radio 1 DJs. Edith Bowman answers her mobile but Chris hangs up, and then over the course of the next week things escalate just a little!
  • Chris Moyles vs. Edith Bowman compilation

  • Brand New Cheesy Song
  • Cheesy Song from 12/06/07: Instrumental version
  • Cheesy Song from 18/09/07: Instrumental version

  • Let's Get Ready To Ramble
  • Ramble from 02/05/07
  • Ramble from 03/05/07
  • Liam from Big Brother 8 does the Ramble

  • Carpark Catchphrase
  • CPC from 02/04/07: Roy's new Deliver / Do Liver joke
  • CPC from 03/05/07: Roy's date with Jo Whiley last night, and what they ate
  • CPC from 08/05/07: Roy's terrible attempt at speaking French
  • CPC from 29/05/07: Roy's joke involving a strawberry, his bum & cream

  • Paul Turner drops
  • Pookah Tookah Drop 1: into Basement Jaxx
  • Pookah Tookah Drop 2: into Pink
  • Norwick Drops: complete link
  • "Come On Everybody, Let's All Go To Norwick"

  • And one from his daughter Gwyneth
  • "Hi, This Is Gwyneth ..."

  • Various foreign accent and impression attempts
  • Patsy Kensit & Dave doing their South African accents
  • All of JK's accents sound Jamaican - then follow Jamaican accents galore from the team
  • Once again Joel is cajoled into doing his Dev (from Corrie) impression
  • Chris mocks Mark Ronson's docile-sounding voice following their chat in the studio

  • During an on-air competition Carrie declares that she'd once flashed an AA man

  • Dave plugs Debbie & Andrew's shop for sending in a sausage sandwich

  • Chris plays clips from Celebrity Wife Swap featuring Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Vanessa Feltz & the one out of Phats & Small

  • Dom discusses gardening, Carrie talks about lambing, and then Dave lowers the tone with his dogging

  • BBC Local - superhero chat with actual phone-in clips

  • Aled reads the squad lists for tonight's game

  • Aled's Guide To Preston: Part 1 / Part 2

  • Rachel enlightens the team on the story of Joseph & The Technicolor Dreamcoat

  • Chris calls Vernon "Babe" during an on-air chat, but quickly corrects himself with "Mate"

  • Alan Carr & Justin Lee Collins come in to the show and help out behind the scenes, ahead of Chris hosting The Friday Night Project with them later in the week

  • Chris raises the topic of Local TV News and "Opt-Outs", with the inevitable result of Andi Peters getting involved: Link 1 - Chris starts the discussion / Link 2 - Andi Peters has sent Chris a text message / Link 3 - Andi Peters discussing the Broom Cupboard

  • Chris finds a new button: all the Radio 1 sweepers - so plays them: all of them

  • Dom thinks producer Sam is dressed like a "Wench" - then Chris sings about it to the Blackadder theme

  • Chris makes a list of silly names to test Aled, but as he's already headed off to BBC Breakfast it's left to Dom instead

  • Chris' friend went to see Take That: The Musical - texts then come in saying that it is hilarious

  • Chris getting trigger-happy with the weather bed

  • Chris has Paul Anka's new album and plays a few tracks/excerpts.

  • Dom pitches a new feature to replace Just Ask Dom - it's called One Word Weather with Nelson Mandela.

  • Chris serenades Aled on Valentine's Day - Marvin Gaye style.

  • Assistant Producer Matt is single so Chris and the team take it upon themselves to find him a girlfriend. However, a new feature should be accompanied by a song. Two days later Chris plays specially commissioned songs which have been produced to accompany the team's search to find Assistant Producer Matt a girlfriend.

  • A short clip of Chris turning Dalek as he mocks the Radio 1 promos for the forthcoming Big Weekend featuring some Maidstone locals.

  • Charley from Big Brother 8 is co-hosting the 1xtra Breakfast Show with Trevor Nelson this week, so Chris asks Matt to pop into see her and fulfil a few challenges.

  • After talking about Sir Jimmy Savile, Dom points out that Carol Thatcher has apparently been looking like Jimmy recently. If Carol had a TV show, what would it be called?

  • Chris and the team discuss Chris Martin walking out of a Radio 4 interview.

  • An audio clip during a news story on the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election features sound bytes from a couple of Americans, which Chris find quite amusing.

  • Chris and the team make fun of the breakfast show on BBC Radio Five Live.

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